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How it Works

You go to our menu page where you can filter by classic dishes, fresh pasta, filled pasta and sauces. You can also scroll through our whole menu. Classic Dishes come with sauces and sometimes cheeses but you can add others to suit your taste. You can also simply purchase fresh pasta with sauce and cheese combinations.

The standard portion size is for two people and includes 250 gme of ingredients in each dish. Up to 300 gme in the filled pasta. You can add items to a basket like any on-line shop and view them at checkout before you buy.

Our special dishes will appear in the menu like any other dishes or combinations. Herts Pasta food can be prepared ready for eating in under ten minutes. It is delivered to you with preparation and storage instructions. Those instructions plus lists of ingredients and allergens are also on the website before checkout.

On check out you can indicate when you want delivery. The default delivery is next day if we receive your order before 7.0 pm, so if you do not state a delivery day, we will deliver the day after your order is placed. We aim to make and deliver fresh pasta.

If you like Herts Pasta dishes you can place a recurring order on check out that may be cancelled at any time.

You can order multiple combinations or small amounts to suit yourself. We can also cater for events, parties, dinner parties or simply large family gatherings. Our kitchen is registered with the local authority and is required to meet Health and Environmental Standards.

Any questions, feel free to email us (

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