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Fresh Pasta




I have allergies. How can I check your ingredients?

The list of our ingredients shows all allergens marked in bold letters. You can see these both on the website pre-ordering and on the labels that come with the food you have ordered. Herts Pasta products are prepared in a kitchen where NUTS are used. Visit our website menu to find ingredients and cooking instructions.


How do I order?

You can order on our website. If you have problems, please email us (, leave a telephone number and we will call you.

Can I order as a gift for someone else? 

Yes, simply set a different delivery address and advise us in special instructions that this is a gift, for what purpose and what you would like adding to a gift card. We will endeavour to include a card with you best wishes.


Can I buy gluten free pasta?

Yes, by special order. Please email us to discuss your exact needs. Some of our pasta can be made ith gluten free ingredients but may be affected by other ingredients in our kitchen. Our Pasta made with gluten free ingredients is not suitable for Coeliacs.

Can I have vegan pasta?

Yes, it is an option on the website for many of our pasta dishes. Click here (vegan) or look at our menu. Feel free to email us to discuss our needs.


Can I buy vegetarian pasta?

Yes, it is an option on the website for many of our pasta dishes. Click here (vegetarian) or look at our menu. Feel free to email us to discuss your needs.


Must I cook and eat my pasta as soon as it is delivered?

No, though Herts Pasta makes fresh pasta that is best eaten fresh. It can be stored. Storage and cooking instructions are available on our labels and website at the menu.

How much pasta is in a portion?

This varies by pasta type from 100 to 120 gm per portion per pasta type for all pasta. When we advertise for one or two people the quantity of pasta reflects that. A double portion is simply double in size. Standard size of our dishes is a 2 person portion.

Can I freeze the pasta on delivery and for how long?

Yes. Our pasta can be frozen for up to one month and maintain condition and taste.

Can I freeze cooked pasta meals after cooking?

No, we do not recommend this since it destroys texture and taste.


How long will uncooked pasta keep in the fridge?

We recommend no longer than two days from delivery if that delivery is as scheduled.

When I receive my delivery how should I store my pasta before cooking?

Check the contents of your delivery to ensure it meets with your order specification. The contents can be stored in the delivery box or on a plate, dish or closed fridge box.


How do I cook the raw fresh pasta?

Cooking instructions for each dish, sauce or ingredient are on the website. Hover over a picture of the plate you ordered and instructions and other information will appear.

How do I cook pasta meals with fillings and sauces? 

Cooking instructions for each dish are on the website. Go to the menu of the plate you ordered and instructions and other information will appear.


 I have a problem with a delivery what do I do?

Email us immediately at

Can I cancel or amend an order? 

We make products to order but will endeavour to meet your change request. We may not always be able to accommodate a change, especially if it is close to delivery time.

Is there a delivery charge and how much will it be?

In the area of Berkhamsted and close villages and towns we will deliver free of charge for orders over £13.00. For other areas delivery charges will vary. You will see these on check out at the menu.

Who delivers? 

Our own staff will normally deliver in and close to Berkhamsted. In other areas we may use reputable third-party couriers.

Can I get a delivery slot?

No, we cannot guarantee a slot. If you are not able to accept an order it is possible to nominate a specific location for our delivery. Most orders will be in boxes that can be posted through a letterbox.

Must we be home when the order is delivered?

You do not need to be at home. Your order will be put through your letterbox in one or more cartons. We will normally ring you bell and step away, to maintain social distance if you are at home

How long will it take to receive my order?

We aim to deliver next day or to a date specified by you, when you place your order.


Is the packaging recyclable? 

All of our boxes are recyclable. Sauces and some pasta will come in a non-recyclable bag that we are working to replace.

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